Solid shampoo - 4 options available

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The solid shampoo is a must! It is zero waste, can easily be carried for travel or camping, lasts a very long time and is completely natural: no parabens, no water pollution, zero toxic to health. It cleans (and the foam is rich!) with natural surfactants, clay and plant powder, and leaves a silky and breathable texture of health and shine. Try one of our 4 types:

BALANCE: This shampoo is efficient for oily hair. The formulation balances the excess sebum so that the hair regains its natural health without the oily residues. The mixture of jojoba oil, green clay, essential oil and charcoal removes all impurities and leaves the hair breathing. This shampoo helps to space out washing frequency and helps eliminate dandruff. The fragrance is herbaceous, deep and masculine.

SHINE: The best seller! This shampoo is specified for normal hair that requires a little boost of shine. The softening formula based with jojoba oil and wheat germ nourishes and gives vigor. The white clay gently cleanses and the orange powder stimulates and provides strength and vitality. The fragrance is fruity, velvety and floral, with some citrus notes.

ANTI-DANDRUFF: This shampoo is designed for scalps with dandruff problems. The active ingredients are chosen to restore vigor, health and balance in order to limit flaking. The essential oils present are all indicated to alleviate the problem, in addition to the Ayurvedic shikakai powder which rebalances the condition of the scalp. The fragrance is herbaceous, slightly floral, rich and reminiscent of nature.

MOISTURIZING : This shampoo is formulated with avocado oil and coconut oil to nourish, smooth and repair dry hair. Using the synergies between marshmallow, pink clay and coconut milk, the hair is sheathed, supple and gently cleaned without irritating the scalp, and without weighing down. Hair breathes health and regains its volume, shine, strength and natural suppleness. The fragrance is floral and slightly sweet.



Wet the hair, then rub the solid shampoo in wet hands to obtain an abundant lather which is distributed over all of the hair, then massage the whole of the hair, emphasizing the scalp. It is also possible to rub the solid shampoo directly on wet hair.


70g: Use of 40 to 60 shampoos



100% ingredients of plant or natural origin

Can be stored for 1 year at room temperature (if possible, on a soap dish to maximize its yield)

Does not contain sulfates, silicone, parabens

Does not contain fragrance, products derived from petrochemicals or polluting crops