DRY SHAMPOO geranium + cedarwood

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Dry shampoo : a powder made to remove dirt and sebum residues between shampoos. The formula fit to any type of hair as well as any color. It does not leave white or sticky residues. Upon application, the hair is healthier, fortified and refreshed for the whole day.

The smell of the product is floral, spicy, and herbaceous.


Apply a small amount of powder to the hairline using a makeup brush. Gently brush the hair to distribute the product over the entire scalp. If white residues persist after the application of a large quantity, the use of the dryer can be useful to distribute the product.


- 75g jar

- Vegan

- Organic

- 100% ingredients of plant and natural origin

- Keeps for 2 years at room temperature

- Does not contain sulfates, silicone, parabens

- Does not contain fragrance, products derived from petrochemicals or polluting crops