Psychedelic Chameleon Dress

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This convertible dress, perfect for traveling, offers a multitude of outfit possibilities. (see photos of Orange Striped Chameleon Dress for variations on how to wear it)

A unique creation from an ecological Quebec design that will appeal to all styles and will dress all body types perfectly.

Through its different styles, it adapts easily to each generation, highlighting your natural beauty the way you want it.

This garment is the ultimate product of sustainable development: It will be stylish for many years to come by simply adapting it to all new styles.

You dreamed of having a reversible dress for women, I created it! It will be your wrinkle-resistant travel dress, to always look your best, in either a beach dress version or in a chic dress version for your happy hour.

In fact, it offers more than a dozen outfits, which can be transformed in the blink of an eye. But above all, let your imagination run wild to create again and again, and never get tired!

The Chameleon dress is available in limited quantities and in 5 different prints and the reverse side is plain for all of them.

In addition, it comes with accessories in a small pouch that can be used as a purse when you want everything to match. It is perfect for the beach, since in addition to drying quickly, it doesn't get very dirty.

All the more reason to make it your favorite travel garment.

***Matching purse included for FREE!***