Keychain 'Ça Va Bien Aller' rainbow

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Keyrings with 8mm-size semi-precious stones, mounted on a stainless steel chain.
RECTO-VERSO stainless steel round charm: It's going to be fine / Rainbow

(Orange) Cornaline: A stone that increases vitality and dynamism. It helps with concentration, gathering dissipated thoughts and bringing the mind back to the present moment.

(Yellow) Honey Calcite: It gently brings comfort and calm, helping to self-confidence. It strengthens memory and helps in times of learning (school, work, other)

(Green) Jade: Clarifies the mind, brings calm, harmony and inner happiness. Attracts success and good fortune.

(Aqua) Amazonite: Promotes relaxation and helps to rebalance sleep. Reduces stress and helps ease tension.

(Blue) Blue Quartz: Stone of love, it brings inner peace and helps with meditation.

(Mauve) Amethyst: This beautiful stone improves blood circulation and reduces headaches. It helps relieve stress and calm an overly charged mind. This greatly promotes intuition.