Palo Santo room spray MEDITATION

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An essential for a deep meditation, yoga or relaxation session. The MEDITATION room fragrance is a complex synergy of essential oils (without artificial fragrances) which uses the aromatherapy properties to facilitate meditation, relaxation and let go. Use the spray to:

- Purify and cleanse negative energies

- Bring tranquility and calm to the space

- Stimulate creativity and concentration

- Reduce stress and anxiety

- Welcome positivity and wellness

- Eliminate bad odors

- Clarify the mind during the meditation session

- Raise awareness

It is possible to use as a room spray, on textiles and surfaces. To use as a pillow mist, spray on the surface 15 minutes before going to bed to promote relaxation and deep sleep.


- 100ml bottle

- Organic

- 100% ingredients of natural origin

- Does not contain sulfates, silicone, parabens

- Does not contain perfume, product derived from petrochemicals or polluting crops