Bee's Wrap starter kit/waxed packaging - 1 small + 1 medium + 1 large

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The starter kit includes an assortment in various colors:

* 1 small 18 cm x 20 cm (7''x 8 '')

* 1 average 25.5 cm x 28 cm (10 '' x 11 '')

* 1 large 33cm x 35.5cm (13 '' x 14 '')

Food packaging with beeswax.

Do you want to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic film and bags? Food packaging with beeswax will be a great help in your efforts to be green. They are really easy to handle. And when used properly, they can last for months!

How to use your packaging:
* For sandwiches and snacks, for lunch boxes or for the road.

* To protect your fruit, cheese, vegetables, bread and pastries.

* To cover bowls of food and for storage.

* For partially used food boxes (ideal for canned dog food or tomato paste).

* To cover a glass of milk that has not been finished.

* To wrap your soap.

* To protect a toothbrush or razor in your suitcase.

Appeal to your imagination!

Note that some foods may stain, such as strawberries.