Biological hydrating antibacterial cream

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Our antibacterial get offers you a 2 in 1 solution! 

***Our 250 ml will have a cap similar to the cap on the 60 ml format for a short period, due to a shortage in pumps.***

It eliminates germs effectively AND contains biological hydrating cream to keep your hands silky soft. Plus, this option is entirely natural and vegan. No need to rinse, and it drys quickly. 

  • Contains hypoallergenic raw materials adapted to all skin types
  • Tested by an independent laboratory to guarantee the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, undesirable ingredients as well as the level of alcohol required by Health Canada to eliminate germs.
  • Natural health product, approved by Health Canada : NPN 80084268

*** At the end of the year, we give 1% of our sales to Multiple Sclerosis.***