Washable not paper towels

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Start your transition to my not paper towels!!

Made with microfiber, which is a super absorbent fiber.

And one side in flannel.

8 sheets, each sheet ishttps://v2.langify-app.com/products/16199224# approximately 23 x 28 cm.

Snap buttons to hold the sheets together.

Comes with two elastic bands with snap fasteners to roll onto a saved cardboard paper towel tube.


Super absorbent

Easy to maintain

Collect oils

Machine washable

Electrostatic for dust

How to take care;

Machine washed in cold water, air dry or hung up.

Do not use a fabric softener.

The black microfiber can rub off on contact with soap, avoiding surfaces that could stain.

* The location of the fabric designs may vary.

* Colors may differ depending on lighting.