NATURAL DEODORANT without aluminium

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Deodorant entirely natural and effective against odors thanks to its antibacterial ingredients and pH regulating agents. The texture is fine and free of lumps for a pleasant application.

Why is it effective? Thanks to its ingredients judiciously chosen to counter the bacterial proliferation responsible for odors. We guarantee its effectiveness, even during physical activity and hot days. Available with or without baking soda. The tube is made of high-end cardboard in push-up style for ecological and sustainable respect. The ingredients are unique and of high quality. They respect the skin and come from eco-responsible sources. Based on essential oils and without fragrances, nor polluting or toxic agent.

Lavender + Ho wood

Sweet, feminine and slightly floral odor

With baking soda

Orange + Ylang Ylang

Fruity, sweet and unisex smell. Slightly floral

Without baking soda, with zinc oxide

Coal + Black Spruce

Male, spicy and herbaceous smell

With activated charcoal and baking soda

Essence 3