Solid Toothpaste, Forest Tea - Vegan + Eco-responsible + Zero Waste

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• Vegan

• Natural

• Suitable for sensitive teeth

• Economical (Equivalent of 4-5 tubes of toothpaste!)

• Contains 25% of Xylitol*

• No after taste

• Biodegradable

• No artificial flavors

With 25% of Xylitol this natural toothpaste, without fluoride, ensures a long lasting protection against cavities in between brushing.

*Sugar derived from birch and / or non GMO corn

Compact and light, it is the perfect partner to take on an adventure! You can bring it anywhere: traveling, camping, in the cold, in the heat, in high altitude... Gone are the days when your toothpaste exploded in your bag due to high altitude or extreme cold.

Economical: 38-40 g format is equivalent to 4-5 tubes of toothpaste!

Infinitely recyclable container.

Made in Bic, Quebec, Canada

38 grams | 1.34 oz.

*** At the end of the year, we give 1% of our sales to Multiple Sclerosis.***