Dog Hemp Collar

Dog Hemp Collar

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Make your four-legged companion instantly recognizable with the help of our Dog Hemp Collar. The Crocx hemp collar is an incredibly robust and durable collar that is made from 100% hemp fibers. This feature alone makes hemp an excellent addition to our collars. The breathable material alongside the incredible comfort makes this a no brainer option.

Very Durable

While you may know hemp for its many health benefits and its uses in medicine, hemp is actually a very versatile plant. One of its oldest uses include people making rope and sails from its fibers. And it may be hard to believe, but rope made with hemp that is only 12 millimeters in diameter can withstand 110 kg. The best part about hemp fibers is that it is not able to stretch or deform even if it is wet.

Soft and Comfy

Another major benefit of our hemp collars is that it is very soft and comfortable to wear. Hemp fibers are naturally very soft to the touch, making them exceptionally comfortable. The hemp fibers we use to construct our collar make it breathable, so it will not cause any irritation to your canine. Our collar is also able to absorb sweat, making it convenient to wear for longer periods.


Thanks to the natural antifungal and antibacterial properties of hemp fibers, they are able to reduce the development of bad odors. Bad odors can be a serious problem for your canine, especially if they are very active.


Finally, one of the greatest advantages and a major selling point of our collar is that it is environmentally-friendly. Thanks to its vegetable composition, our collar is very easily biodegradable. So you don’t have to worry about contributing to the plastic in the world.

You can also grab this collar in three different sizes.

Available in three sizes

Large (16"-25"), Medium (14"-20"), Small (12"-16")