Sweater / tapestry skirt

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When the end of lines of local designers give life to a new ecological Quebec design. This skirt sweater is entirely designed from recycled materials.

You got it, it's a sweater that turns into a skirt. And it works the other way too! Why pay for two pieces of clothing when having only one is more practical?

The neckline sweater can be worn in summer and winter and is easily accessorized with a plain long-sleeved sweater, for example. The skirt is perfect to wear over your leggings this winter or your swimsuit this summer.

This unique piece is the transformable garment that can be worn for a chic evening out or while travelling. A ready-to-wear piece of clothing that is easy to carry. You can slip it in your suitcase without worrying about it taking too much space.

You can now have a good conscience in style and comfort, in the long term, thanks to this environmentally friendly clothing which promotes the sustainable development of our beautiful planet!

Let this open back sweater become your new favorite skirt.