Intense but appealing bracelet, Caribbean version

Intense but appealing bracelet, Caribbean version

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Bracelet with stainless steel bar and in 8mm semi-precious stones

Stainless steel "fish clasp" carabiner closure

"The little amethyst" pewter charm made by a Quebec artisan. 4

For a larger/smaller wrist, the way I place the stones may also be slightly different, depending on the number of stones.

Bracelet size: Small/Medium/Large: 6 to 7.75 inches

Extra Large: 8 inches and more

Stones: The intense Caribbean: Green & Aqua blue & Mauve

Green: Chrysocolla: This peaceful stone helps with good blood circulation, in addition to bringing peace and inner relaxation

Aqua blue: Amazonite: Promotes relaxation and helps restore sleep. Reduces stress and helps relieve tension.

Mauve: Amethyst: This magnificent stone improves blood circulation and reduces headaches. It helps relieve stress and calm an overloaded mind. This greatly promotes intuition.
Intense Caribbean