Diffuser bracelet for teacher, semi precious lava stone, amazonite and carnelian

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Bracelet diffuser with semi-precious stones is an ideal end of year gift for the best teacher!

Choice of language

English: Love, Teach, Inspire
French: Aime, Enseigne, Inspire

Stainless steel "fish clasp" carabiner closure

"The little amethyst" pewter charm made by a Quebec artisan.

Bracelet size:

Small to Large: 6 to 7.75 inches

XLarge +: 8 inches and more


Carnelian: Stone which increases vitality and dynamism. It helps with concentration, by gathering dissipated thoughts and bringing the spirit to the present moment.

Amazonite: Promotes relaxation and helps rebalance sleep. Reduces stress and helps relieve tension.

Lava stone: Helps us manage our angers of the present, as well as those of the past, by urging us to reflect. It acts against negativity. Porous stone on which we can deposit essential oils.

NATURAL DIFFUSER: Put a drop of your favorite essential oil on the lava rock and let it dry for a few moments. Then wear your necklace for an aromatherapeutic effect that will follow you for a few hours.