Semi-precious stone pendant earrings, howlite, lava stone and stainless steel

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Pair of pendant semi-precious stone earrings. Hypoallergenic, stainless steel, perfect for sensitive ears.

Semi-precious stones are all unique, even though they all come from the same source, therefore they may slightly vary from the images shown.

Amethyst: This magnificent stone helps blood circulation and reduces headaches. It helps evacuate stress and calm an overcharged mind. Also helps intuition.

Choice of:

Howlite (white stone): This marble stone reinforces discernment, patience, relaxation and memory.

Lava stone (black stone): This stone helps us manage our past and present angers and helps us reflect. It acts against negativity.

Volcanic rock is porous, therefore, you can place a drop of essential oil on the lava stone and it will act as a natural diffuser for many hours.


Earrings only.

If you choose the DUI, you will receive TWO pairs of earrings:

- One with a howlite base

- One with a lava stone base