Earrings made of semi-precious stones and stainless steel, howlite, lava stone, amazonite, hypoallergenic

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Pair of pendant earrings made with semi-precious stones, stainless steel, hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive ears.

Semi-precious stones are all unique, even if they come from the same source. They can therefore vary from the images shown.

Amazonite: Helps relaxation and a balanced sleep. Reduces stress and helps reduce tension.

Choice of:

Howlite (white stone): This marble stone reinforces discernment, patience, relaxation and memory.

Lava stone (black stone): This stone helps us manage our angers of the present, and of the past, and helps us reflect. It acts against negativity.

Volcanic rock is porous, which allows you to place drop of essential oil on the stone to act as a natural diffuser for many hours.

**Essential oil not inclued**

Earrings only.

If you choose the DUO, you will receive TWO pairs of earrings.

- One with a howlite base

- One with a lava stone base