Wild Beauty, Brown bracelet

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Bracelet with stainless steel bar in 8mm semi-precious stones 

Stainless steel "fish clasp" carabiner closure

'The little amethyst' pewter charm made by a Quebec artisan.

For a larger/smaller wrist, the way I place the stones may also be slightly different, depending on the number of stones.

Bracelet size:

Small/Medium/Large: 6 to 7.75 inches

Very Large: 8 inches and more

Matt red-brown: Landscape Jasper: Strengthens vitality, stimulates creativity and perseverance.

Yellow: Calcite honey: It gently brings comfort and calm, helping self-confidence. It strengthens memory and helps learning (school, work, other)

Chocolate brown: Tinted lava stone: This stone helps us to manage our angers of the present, like those of the past, by leading us to reflect. It acts against negativity. This stone is porous, which allows you to put a drop of essential oil on it and the lava stone will act as a natural diffuser for several hours!