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Thank you for shopping at TWIGGZY - the ecological boutique.

You will find below our general sales conditions regarding guarantees, exchanges, returns and reimbursements.

In case of error during your order on our website, contact us as soon as possible at info@twiggzy.com

Please note that Twiggzy reserves the right to refuse any retrospective modifications if the artisan/supplier has begun manufacturing the item.

When you purchase an item on this Twiggzy web platform, you accept the following conditions and policies:

ARTICLE 1 - Order and payment methods

Twiggzy automatically sends a confirmation of the transaction to validate that your order has indeed been sent for processing.  However, this is not a confirmation of a commitment to sell the products mentioned.  Twiggzy - the ecological boutique reserves the right, without prior notice, to refuse doing business with a customer and/or to set a quantity limit for any item ordered.  At any time it may be necessary for Twiggzy to verify personal or credit card information before accepting any order.  This is to avoid fraud and the use of hacking software.

If a product offered on the twiggzy.com website is found to be out of stock between the moment of your online order and the software notification of a stock shortage, Twiggzy - the ecological boutique reserves the right to cancel this transaction, while advising the customer of the situation.  An agreement can then be taken between the customer and Twiggzy for a postponement of the order.

For an order to be valid, it must be accompanied by a valid payment of the total amount of the value of the purchased product and payment must be made by a predetermined method of payment that is acceptable to Twiggzy - the ecological boutique.

Twiggzy reserves the right to cancel an order at her discretion by reimbursing the amounts paid by the customer.  Twiggzy cannot be held responsible by the customer for the cancellation of this order.

Canadian buyers will be billed in Canadian dollars.

The payable price for each product you order is the one shown on the Twiggzy web platform, to which applicable taxes and shipping charges are added.  All prices are in Canadian dollars.  

Twiggzy - the ecological boutique reserves the right at all times to modify product prices offered on the Twiggzy web platform, without prior notice.

ARTICLE 2 - Shipping

2.1 Twiggzy - the ecological boutique cannot be held responsible for any delay or other consequences due to the shipping of products purchased on the Twiggzy web platform.

2.2 Twiggzy -the ecological boutique reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders where Twiggzy has no commercially reasonable transport option, and will not be held responsible for the cancellation of these orders.  If such a case, will reimburse the amounts already paid by the customer.

2.3 All boxes and packaging materials that we receive will be used to ship your orders in order to give them a second life!  So don't be alarmed if your box seems to have already been used.  We will still put our Twiggzy quality seal on all our shipments.

ARTICLE 3 - Exchanges and refunds

Please note that before proceeding with a refund or an exchange, customer service will ensure the conditions outlined are respected:

3.0 The exchange and refund policies applicable when purchasing specific products from one of our TWIGGZY suppliers takes precedence over the exchange and refund policies of TWIGGZY if they are expressly stated in their TWIGGZY supplier space.  Otherwise the following policies apply to the transaction:

3.1 Only one return shipment per order is authorized.  Please verify your entire order before sending us a return and have the invoice or a proof of purchase on hand.

3.2 If an ordered item is damaged during transport, is incorrect or missing, you should contact us immediately by writing to info@twiggzy.com.

3.3 No refund will be issued on purchased products unless expressly authorized by Twiggzy, if the sold products are defective or not in accordance with your order.  Following Twiggzy's agreement, defective products or products not in accordance with your order must be returned within seven (7) days following delivery and must be accompanied by the invoice for a refund.

3.4 For all defective products or products not in accordance with your order, Twiggzy may refund the product purchase price (including taxes) upon receipt of these products.  If necessary, the refund will be made on the credit card used to place the order.  Contact us at the following address to return defective products or products not in accordance with the order:  info@twiggzy.com.

3.5 Twiggzy does not assume the shipping charges for a broken or unusable item, or one not in conformity with your order.

3.6  Any order made on the twiggzy.com website is made under a shipping contract.  This means that the risks related to the loss and breakage during shipping to the customer are at the expense of the latter.  An agreement can be made between Twiggzy - the ecological boutique and the unsatisfied client through customer service.  However, Twiggzy does not commit to entering into an agreement.  Twiggzy is not responsible for costs incurred following the receipt of an damaged or defective item.  

3.7 In case of error when ordering on the website, contact us as soon as possible.  It may be possible to make changes, but Twiggzy reserves the right to refuse any changes after the fact if the artisan/supplier has started manufacturing the item.

ARTICLE 4 - Legal guarantee

4.1 The Quebec Civil Code and the Consumer Protection Law provide legal guarantees relating in particular on the use of goods sold.  These legal guarantees also apply to the sale of products on the Twiggzy platform.

This guarantee cannot in any case reduce or cancel the manufacturer's legal warranty when it exists.

ARTICLE 5 - Litigation

5.1 In the event of difficulty of these applications, the customer has the possibility, before any legal action, to find an amicable solution with an adviser of his choice.

ARTICLE 6 - Limitation of responsibility

6.1 We are working to provide you the accurate and fair information and to avoid any errors that may be found on this site, on our social media and in our information letters.  Nevertheless, the www.twiggzy.com website, its contents, its social media and its information letter are for information purposes only.  Twiggzy cannot be held responsible for any error or incorrect information that may be found on them.

We are working to keep this site up to date and secure for our users.  Nevertheless, you are responsible for your own security.  We cannot be held responsible for malware or other unwanted publicity that may occur while browsing this site.

6.2 TWIGGZY - the ecological boutique, its related companies, its directors, employees, representatives or agents cannot in any case be held responsible for any damage directly or indirectly related to the use of twiggzy.com, in particular the loss of data or profit from the use of elements of twiggzy.com or the inability to use these elements.  In the event that TWIGGZY's responsibility towards you could be retained, this will be limited to an amount of money equivalent to the price you paid for the returned products.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this article may have the affect of limiting any right you may have as a consumer under any of the public order laws that may be applicable in your case.

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