Twiggzy, is first and foremost a family story: that of Mélanie Boudreault and her close ones. After eco-anxious comments from one of the four children in the house, she started questioning their choices, and informing herself and especially: researching what alternatives the market had to offer as an eco-responsible choice of purchase. Here, Melanie's family started great changes to modify their habits, for the sake of the environment. This ecological change by her family soon resulted in the creation of Twiggzy; an ecological online boutique that reunites a plethora of services and local ecological products, as well as advice and tips that give a true sense to the meaning of going green for Quebecers.


Regroup in one place everything your family may need in green products or services by emphasizing the fact that they are sourced from local suppliers and give you more information on responsible consumption: that is the Twiggzy experience !


Developing responsible consumption, without guilt towards your current consumption habits is possible! This is why our approach is anything but moralizing. We believe your small changes matter, and we're happy to guide you to the right initiatives with our advice, our Tested by Twiggzy, as well as our most recent discoveries of products and services.



Although our ecological values ​​take precedence, we want our online store to offer an invigorating experience, where each visit will allow you to learn more about responsible consumption with a sustainable approach.

Information and education are also values ​​of choice at Twiggzy!

Our team

On the lookout for the latest trends, our team works with passion, motivated to offer you the best of eco-responsible products, created locally.
Twiggzy, la boutique écologique des Québécois

Twiggzy La boutique écologique - Mélanie BoudreaultMélanie Boudreault
Twiggzy Co-founder
Twiggzy La boutique écologique - Nicholas GirouxNicolas Giroux
Co-founder — Strategic consultant and business development
Twiggzy, la boutique écologique des QuébécoisClodine Desrochers
Our Twiggzy Ambassadress

Twiggzy + MS =

The Twigggzy team speaks about multiple sclerosis, because we have committed to giving a percentage of our profits every year to research on this disease. We are proud partners of people affected by MS and their loved ones !
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And how do you see your green change ?

Will you take the eco-responsible change that Twiggzy is proposing? Stay tuned for our latest tips on different ways to adopt an eco-friendly attitude that will make you an ambassador for good eco-responsible habits in everyday life.