Tested by Twiggzy - Mélo Bulle - Body soap - Mimosa

Tested by Twiggzy - Mélo Bulle - Body soap - Mimosa

The products

Mélo Bulle soap factory creates a multitude of natural and gentle body soaps using vegetable oils.  To do so, the passionate owner uses the traditional cold saponification method.

Many fragrances are available:

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Grapefruit and pink clay
  • Rose and white clay
  • Honey and rosemary
  • Lemon raspberry

Each slice weighs between 110 g and 130 g.

The test

"I tested the Mimosa soap every evening for two weeks."

- Mélanie

The verdict

"This soap is divine:  its orange scent fills the bathroom and awakens the senses in just a few seconds. Thanks to its exfoliating and purifying properties of Himalayan salt, my skin has become soft and supple.  The coconut oil and shea butter have hydrated and nourished my skin.  I had no feeling of tightness which often occurs during the winter.  My verdict?  My skin loved the natural Mimosa soap from Mélo Bulle... and so did I!  It leaves my skin feeling fresh and invigorated!

Hey!  This is the perfect gift for your best friend..."

- Mélanie