Tested by Twiggzy - LePrince Barbu

Tested by Twiggzy - LePrince Barbu

The products 

Le Prince Barbu, a Montreal company, created a range of skin and beard products.

Their products are all made here, from 100% vegetable oils and essential oils.

So, dear gentlemen, you too can benefit from the many properties of essential oils and natural skin products!

Intended for beards, these products are made so that you can enjoy a well groomed and hydrated skin, have a clean and well maintained beard, all without chemical products.

The test

Beard oil - 0

Original beard oil

After shave oil

Body and beard soap

By:  Simon Croteau and Benoit Fortin

The verdict

"Quick and easy to use products.  It is as if they were created for men who, by nature, have a tendency to believe they lack time to take care of their skin.

The result:  soft skin, a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and hydration all over the body, an ultra silky beard with no greasy effect and a perfectly dosed masculine scent.  Nothing to do with the major brand products found on the shelves, those of Prince Barbu are not only effective and pleasant to use, they come in superb containers.

My verdict:  It is a product I will not tire of anytime soon.  Excellent idea for a gift to someone close of masculine gender... and for you!"

Simon Croteau

Truly, I didn't expect to test a product this effective.  It made me realize that we still have prejudices towards all natural products, but this time I am confused!

After use, my beard is neither oily nor greasy and my skin is refreshed and perfectly hydrated.  The scent is well balanced and has its own signature - different than what we buy in the pharmacy.  It is very pleasant as a perfume and natural as well.

I am really satisfied with the Prince Barbu products.  As a man, we tend to take for granted that this type of care is secondary.  But I believe that being aware that what we put on our face is not only good for us, but also for the environment.  A big thumbs up for this Montreal company.  I recommend them to all bearded men without hesitation!

Benoit Fortin