Tested by Twiggzy - Le Tenon et la |Mortaise

Tested by Twiggzy - Le Tenon et la |Mortaise

The Products

Le Tenon et La Mortaise is a dynamic duo of Quebec artisans, woodworkers and designers.

The company designs and manufacturers contemporary contoured furniture, inspired by the environment while above all, respecting it.

This duo's quest to discover:  manufacture functional pieces of superior quality with a minimalist design. 

The test

The hanging tray is made of wood and cotton.

By:  Mélanie Boudreault

The verdict

Made to match a set of plants in the home, living room or any other room, this hanging tray has earned more than one complement!  It matches with any decor due to its pure and timeless look.  Perfect for those who want to enhance or start their indoor plant collection!"