Tested by Twiggzy - Le Jardin de Julie - Whitening toothpaste

Tested by Twiggzy - Le Jardin de Julie - Whitening toothpaste

The product

Le Jardin de Julie is a young Quebec company that creates body products from plants grown on its land. Among its care items is activated carbon toothpaste, an ingredient known to whiten teeth quickly and naturally.

Biodegradable, all Le Jardin de Julie toothpastes are packaged in infinitely recyclable jars. An excellent point! Of course, they provide you with several other benefits as well. Discover them here. 

A flavor that is offered:
  • Spearmint

The test

To use Le Jardin de Julie solid toothpaste, it's simple: you wet the head of your brush, rub it against the tablet, then clean your teeth. Not complicated at all!

Three tips:

  • Do not put too much water on the toothpaste. It’s useless!
  • Allow the toothpaste to air dry before closing the jar.
  • Use charcoal toothpaste once a month to prevent premature wear of your enamel.

The verdict

"For the purposes of the test, I tried Le Jardin de Julie's whitening toothpaste for a few weeks. In addition to protecting my teeth from cavities, it brightened my smile without damaging my enamel. Goodbye ugly stains from coffee and wine! I really liked the texture on the palate. After rinsing, I experienced a nice feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Very pleasant! By the way, all Le Jardin de Julie toothpastes are really economical: a 38 g or 40 g jar can easily replace 5 ordinary tubes! Imagine all the money left in your pocket. Mother Nature wins and so do you! "

ꟷ Mélanie