Tested by Twiggzy - Le Jardin de Julie - Toothpaste

Tested by Twiggzy - Le Jardin de Julie - Toothpaste

The Products

A young Quebec company, Le Jardin de Julie, offers a wide variety of body products, including solid biodegradable toothpaste. These toothpastes have several advantages.
  • They are vegan, natural, eco-friendly and economical. 
  • They leave no aftertaste in the mouth. 
  • They are not tested on animals. 
  • They are suitable for sensitive teeth. 
  • They effectively protect against cavities between brushings. 
  • They are made of 25% of Xylitol, a sugar which has proven its effectiveness against, in particular, dry mouth. 

Another positive point: Le Jardin de Julie toothpastes do not contain artificial flavor, salt, baking soda or fluoride. In addition, their aluminum container is infinitely recyclable! 

Compact and lightweight, these products are perfect for camping and travel enthusiasts. 

Two flavors offered: 

  • Wood tea
  • Green mint
  • Woodland 
  • Mint 

The test 

Le Jardin de Julie toothpastes are easy to use: you wet the head of your brush, rub it on the tablet, then clean your teeth. That's all! 

A word of advice: avoid putting too much water on the toothpaste. It's not necessary ! And, before closing the jar lid, allow the tablet to air dry. 

The verdict 

“We really liked Le Jardin de Julie toothpaste. In addition to protecting our smile against cavities and leaving our breath fresh, they correspond to our values, since they allow us to reduce our ecological footprint. Did you know that ordinary toothpaste tubes are not recyclable at all? They inevitably end up living in a landfill and take 500 years to degrade! OUF… In addition, Le Jardin de Julie toothpastes are super economical: a 38 g or 40 g jar replaces the equivalent of 5 ordinary tubes! For us, these are winning products on all fronts. Try them! " 

ꟷ Mélanie