Tested by Twiggzy - La P'tite Fabrique

Tested by Twiggzy - La P'tite Fabrique

The products

Twiggzy tested the ecological packaging made from recycled fabrics and beeswax from la P'tite Fabrique.

La P'tite Fabrique is a company that offers a range of ecological food packaging made from recycled cotton fabrics and beeswax. Made in Quebec, more precisely in Donnacona, the ecological packaging are also compostable and antibacterial! Their products are 100% Quebecois and are certified zero waste, while lasting between six months and one year. Enough to make great savings on packaging.

The test

Mélanie shares the details of her test on La P'tite Fabrique products:

"At home, we purchase ecological food packaging made from recycled cotton and beeswax. Finished are Ziploc sandwich bags in our children's lunches, for snacks, etc."

The verdict

"Beautiful discovery! La P'tite Fabrique's food packaging is perfect to over a dish or even wrap cheese, fruits or vegetables. After use, it is easy to wash with water and a gentle soap. We wash them at the same time as our dishes. Truly, we are very delighted with this product. It is efficient besides being economical. The P'tite Fabrique starter kit costs much less than a year's supply of bags and commercial plastic wrap. This doesn't take into account the good you are doing for the environment when you adopt this habit."

A question of habit

"The use of reusable packaging is a simple habit to change in our daily lives. It makes one wonder why this product isn't yet well known! Using it makes more sense, is easy and more economical than plastic wrap. If we all make even this small change, it would be a huge gift for our planet."