Tested by Twiggzy - Pure soap and stain remover

Tested by Twiggzy - Pure soap and stain remover


Almond blossom scented laundry detergent 

Laundry detergent is made from ingredients having a positive impact on our health, the environment and if more than 95% water soluble.  

Pure fabric stain remover

As for fabric stain remover, it contains a citrus based formula that plays the role of scissors by cutting dirt into small pieces to remove stains.

Small change / huge impact:  laundry soap

We know, it is the small changes that have the most impact.  Changing one's habits regarding the consumption of laundry soap is the perfect example demonstrate this, not to mention that this habit is one of the easiest to change.  Even if you buy a new brand of laundry soap, you will still do your laundry in the same manner, at the same time:  no danger of coming out of your comfort zone, in addition to respecting the environment!

Pure and Pure Nature products offer us the possibility of reusing our containers.  Also, they are sold as a concentrate, reducing your purchasing frequency.


By Mélanie Boudreault

"Mother of young sportsmen I put these products to a real challenge!  After their respective sport sessions, I decided to do my first wash with detergent and stain remover from the Pure product line.  These are the changes having the greatest impact in our daily household routine:  we do the same thing, we stay in our comfort zone.  The difference is that we do it with respect to our planet!  In addition, it makes us realize that natural products have nothing to envy in terms of effectiveness of chemical products that we find on the market.  In fact, it cleans and removes stains even better.  I am still amazed!  I cannot do without it.

I should also mention that it is by making small changes, like this one, that we get into the habit of making better choices.  Change destabilizes us and it is human nature to stay with the same habits.  I believe by experience, that by adding a small change here and there is what allows the entire family to find pleasure in it and to continue to make good choices!"


"The laundry soap made dirt and stains disappear on the clothes of my young sportsmen!  Besides cleaning, it has softened the fabric and reduced static electricity which was present before washing.  And what about the scent of almond blossom:  a real delight!

For its part, the PURE fabric stain remover surpasses all brands previously used in order to eliminate even the toughest stains (including blood and mud)."