Tested by Twiggzy - Calendule & cie, artisanal soap

Tested by Twiggzy - Calendule & cie, artisanal soap

The products

Twiggzy tested bar shampoo and solid conditioner, as well as deodorant from the Calendule & Cie range of artisanal soap products.

Calendule & Cie, artisanal soap company, offers natural, organic and ecologically responsible body and household products.  The soaps are handmade, with care and love using the cold saponification method.  They contain medicinal plants, ecologically grown in the company's gardens and transformed on site.

The test

Melanie confides the details of testing Calendule & Cie products to us:

"All of our little family of six have tested the Calendule & Cie. bar shampoo and the solid conditioner.  As for the deodorant, my spouse  and I, both long distance runners (half marathon and marathon) have applied it before many races."

The verdict

"All these products are offered in environmentally friendly packaging and it makes a huge difference in the bathroom.  It is in this room that we must try to remove unnecessary plastic packaging first - there are so many!  Even the deodorant container is in pressed recyclable cardboard.  the verdict of two atheletes on the deodorant:  very effective, even after a long distance race.  This deodorant is by far the best organic deodorant we ever tried, with a better effect than the products sold in a pharmacy.

Shampoos and conditioners:  Why not use them earlier?  The hair of our six little heads are silky and shiny.  All the family is delighted to have this product in the bathroom!

The changes

"This is one of the changes having the greatest impact in the little daily actions of our house.  We do the same thing, stay in our comfort zone, while respecting the planet by using an eco-responsible product made in Quebec."