Tested by Twiggzy

Tested by Twiggzy – Druide – Facial Cleansing milk – Avocado oil & Chamomile

Druide Laboratories, a world renowned Quebec company, was founded 40 years ago. Their natural and biological products are of the highest standards in the cosmetics industry.

The biological Facial Cleansing milk with Avocado oil & Chamomile by Druide allows you to softly wash away your makeup. It is respectful of your skin's pH. Its ingredients contain soothing properties that are softening and hydrating.

Tested by Twiggzy - Elixir sublime

The Quebec brand Shakti offers vegan beauty products - foaming gels, makeup removing lotions, hydrating mists, serums, creams, etc. - made of biological essential oils and certified active agents. In recyclable containers, made of materials that are not derived from petroleum, nor from endocrine disturbing chemicals. What is more, Shakti products are never tested on animals.

Tested by Twiggzy - La Feuille verte - Hemp supplements for healthy animals - Fur loss, joints and allergies

La Feuille verte, a Quebec company, uses hemp oil, a 100% natural ingredient, in its food supplements for animals. Rich in essential fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, hemp has many added benefits.

Tested by Twiggzy - La Petite Écharde - Wooden key chain

La Petite Écharde is the company of Estée, a graphic designer and François, a carpenter. It is with love that these two enthusiasts make simple and unique objects out of reclaimed or recycled wood.