Zero waste: how do we change our habits in the bathroom?

Zero waste: how do we change our habits in the bathroom?

COVID-19 has forced us to change our consumption habits... and not always for the better.  Recently, an article was published in Journal de Montréal which revealed that plastic has taken the lead since March. Interesting, since it is possible, even easy, to act differently. You want ideas to begin your green change towards zero waste? The bathroom is an excellent place to start making changes.  Plus, they will have considerable impact on the environment.  Twigzzy's word!

Zero waste : avoiding single use products is key! 

The best way to begin protecting the planet, is to opt for durable and eco-responsible products. Disposable items, that often contain many non-recyclable materials, feed our wastelands. (And God only knows these sites are far from hungry...) Think, for example, of razors and toothbrushes. Different versions exist, and adopting them is very easy! No use for hesitation: its a no-brainer! 

Quickly, it seems like I am saying that it is simple, to consume responsibly... However, reflecting is a big part of the zero waste process. Before purchasing a product, we must absolutely ask ourselves certain questions. (Adios impulse buying!) For example, is the article we want reusable, rechargeable, washable, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable ? This is the criteria to take into account if we want to attain our goal. 

Thankfully, there are so many eco-responsible products! 

At Twiggzy, we offer a vast selection of eco-responsible products to replace the most polluting ones.

Razors (LePrince Barbu)
Bar soaps, shampoos and conditionners (Maison Stoï, Druide, Liliblanc, Calendule & cie)
Deodorants (La Feuille Verte, Maison Stoï, Druide, Calendule et cie)
Toothbrushes and dental floss (Ola Bamboo)
Toothpaste (Le Jardin de Julie)
Make-up remover pads, facecloths and wipes (Öko Créations, DelycaStef, Ola Bamboo)
Feminine hygiene panty liners (Öko Créations)
Tissues (DelycaStef, Öko Créations)
Nursing pads (Öko Créations)
Bath puffs (Turquoise & Cie)
Ear-cleaners (Öko Créations)
Cleaning products (Pure & Pure Nature)
Sponges (Espace Twiggzy, DelycaStef)
Absorbant towels (Kliin, DelycaStef)

You may have noticed : local businesses and artisans are really creative and talented. The ensure their survival, we must support them daily! 

Psstt ! I have discovered a miracle trick to eliminate soap deposits and limestone from the shower door: the dishwashing bloc by Le Jardin de Julie. (You can find it in the Twiggzy Shop.) It is also great on glass surfaces ! On try and you will be sold.

Zero waste bathroom : beware of water !

The bathroom is certainly the place in the home where we consume the most water.  It is of the utmost importance to act upon this by :

  • closing the faucet while brushing our teeth (use a glass) and shaving (put a bit of hot water in the sink);
  • taking a shower instead of a bath; 
  • flushing only after 'number 2';
  • reusing shower water to flush the toilet;
  • eliminating leaks (faucet, toilet, etc.);
  • installing a water saving toilet and shower head;
  • returning old medications to the pharmacist (no, these products do not go in the toilet or the garbage;

    And you ? What will your tricks be to reduce your ecological footprint?