A green Valentine's Day

A green Valentine's Day

Even though it celebrates love and friendship, Valentine's Day is today considered a commercial holiday. What if we change things together?

Green and (almost) free gift ideas!

  • Give a sprout of his favorite plant 
  • Weave friendship bracelets 
  • Plan an outing in a regional or national park 
  • Visit a museum (Several permanent exhibitions are free!) 
  • Make beauty treatments (ex: soaps, bath bombs, perfumes, etc.) 
  • Handmade chocolates 
  • Prepare a special meal from organic and local foods 
  • Massage your partner 
  • Create a Privilege Coupon Book 
  • Read passages aloud from an erotic novel 

This proves that there are 1,001 ways to spoil your companion without spending a fortune. A little imagination is all you need! 

Exciting solutions! 

Have you decided to give your loved one a gift? You will need to think of a way to hide your surprise. Because, as you know, ordinary wrapping paper is not recyclable ... 

What to wrap your present in without harming the planet? 

  • A sheet of paper (kraft or not) 
  • A silk scarf 
  • A page from a magazine or newspaper
  • A brown paper bag 
  • A roll of toilet paper 
  • A child's drawing 
  • A woolen sock 
  • A walnut pod (Perfect for jewelry!) 
  • A Mason jar 
  • A scrap of fabric 
  • An envelope 
  • A placemat or a cloth bag 

On our site you will find a variety of practical products (ex pouches or reusable bags) that you could use as packaging. Take a look at our selection! 

Buy sustainable 

If you really want to buy gifts for those around you, our ecological shop is full of ideas that will last a long time. Want some examples?

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Tested by Twiggzy 

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