Valentine's Day: 7 green ideas to spoil yourself while respecting the environement... and the lockdown

Valentine's Day: 7 green ideas to spoil yourself while respecting the environement... and the lockdown

The lockdown and the various measures that have been imposed by our government, due to the pandemic, are all the talk right now. And unfortunately, this is a cause of stress for many of us... That is why every little happy moment is welcome to help us forget, even for just a moment, the morose ambiance that seems to be everywhere. What if we took advantage of the Valentine's Day, that is fast approaching, to spoil ourselves? Come on! We can surround ourselves with sweetness and propagate good humor! Plus, there is no need to go into debt to do so. It is possible while simultaneously respecting confinement as well as the environment. I little imagination and a tad of preparation, and there you have it!

Green idea 1: declare your love

Everyone loves getting appreciated. So, why not take advantage of this occasion to declare your love for that special someone? And it isn't necessary to be a great author to do so. A kind word, an acrostic, a poem... It is the expression of your emotions that is important.  Do you have a minstrel soul? Don't hesitate to adapt an existing song or better yet, compose your own.

Green idea 2: awaken your senses

Pampering cocooning on the horizon! Create a sumptuous ambiance with candles. Stimulate your sense of smell with the help of insense or essential oils, and add a bit of soft music. Fill the tub with hot water - mmmm! a wonderful bubble bath for two! - or take out the massage oil to offer a session of relaxation to your partner.

Green idea 3: stimulate your taste buds

Concoct little treats that you can enjoy with  better half. You can also make him or her their favorite meal. Don't have any chef skills? Not a problem! The neighborhood restaurant of fine cuisine corner store are just waiting to deliver their specialties to you.

Green idea 4: a walk under the stars

Many municipalities have arranged illuminated paths to put a bit of warmth in their citizen's hearts. So, wait for the sun to go down, bundle up in some warm cloths and go for a stroll on a pathway near your home. If the conditions are good, you could always swap your plain old boots for some skates or snowshoes. Don't forget your insulated cup of hot cocoa!

Green idea 5: organize a dance night

Choose a musical style, prepare a list of songs, move the furniture to the side and set out to conquer the dance floor... of your living room! Do you have a talent that rivals Fred Astaire? Perfect! You can exercise your cardio, hitting two birds with one stone! Are you rather the king or queen of incoordination? It doesn't matter! Let yourself go. Enjoy it: there is no one to witness it! Happy times and giggles are guaranteed!

Green idea 6: pamper your skin

You really want to buy a little something for your loved one? There are so many companies that offer excellent eco-friendly skin care products: safety razors, beard balms, day creams, exfoliants, and so many others. Feeling a bit bold? You can even make your own cream to offer as a gift.

Green idea 7: combine all these suggestions

Don't hesitate to combine these ideas: tasty treats can be eaten in a bubble bath, which would be the perfect ending to a wonderful walk under the stars.

By using your creativity and imagination, it is easy to celebrate Valentine's Day while offering yourself a moment of relaxation and joy.