Staying sane

Staying sane

Leaning towards zero waste... and keeping your sanity

Now you know it: the propelling force behind our green shift is one of our eco-anxious kids. In the beginning, our aim was to calm his worries as much as possible. Then, we took a liking to this type of lifestyle of (almost) zero waste... Enough to found Twiggzy and entice Quebeckers to adopt eco-responsible habits !

We take a zero guilt approach !

Of course, we are aware that adopting new behaviors requires time and energy. It is not easy to change! At Twiggzy, we are not trying to make anyone feel guilty. We only want to offer local options, which are healthy and natural, to reduce their ecological footprint and preserve our planet as much as possible. That's it !

So, how do we stay sane in the process of switching to zero waste ?

Making the change towards zero waste is a loooooooong process. It is not done in the blink of an eye. In order to not loose your sanity along the way, you must 1. make simple things every day and 2. pardon yourself when you slip up.

It is true : pressure and stress is coming at us from every angle in this day and age. It is useless to add on another layer! And drastically changing all of your habits at once is the best recipe for failure. Why ? Because the task will seem gigantic and the objective, unattainable. So, every gesture - small, medium or large - counts! What is important is to have FUN while you transition to zero waste. 

And this means, that on occasion, that may have to forgive yourself of any lapses in your behavior. There are certain situations in which you will not be able, for several reasons, to respect your own rules... So ? No one is perfect!  

The key to success : adopt behaviors that correspond to your own reality (needs, budget, etc.). They will be easier to keep! !

What will be your first step towards zero waste ?

What if you started to progressively replace your personal hygiene products?  Throughout the past year, our family has modified our consumption habits. For example, we have eliminated many popular items in our bathroom : tubes of toothpaste, bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, cans of shaving cream, deodorant sticks, bath puffs... Our trick ? When a product that is bad for the environment was done, we simply replaced it by an ecological equivalent. Incidentally, there are many existing green solutions. You could discover a great variety of them in our shop... I invite you to poke around a bit ! You will be pleasantly surprised, it is a promise !

Talk soon,