Ecological household cleaning products

Ecological household cleaning products

It is no longer a secret to anyone:  the substances that are in the famous cleaning products that we find our our shelves are harmful to you and your family, and in many regards, for the environment.  At Twiggzy, we are also here to advise you on natural alternatives, which require you to use products which you surely already have on hand.

baking soda

No, there are no chemicals in baking soda.  It is a totally natural product, used by our grandmothers to scour, remove stains and deodorize.  Created from salt and limestone, baking soda is perfect for cleaning surfaces.  It removes stubborn stains as well as unpleasant odors.  Mixed with essential oil (for example tea tree oil) and you will be amazed by its effectiveness. With water, we can make a cleaning paste: glass top stove, burnt pots, glue stains, coloring or food, and even more.

Tricks of the pro:  Mix with vinegar, baking soda even unblocks pipes.

white vinegar                                                                                  Who doesn't like having a sparkling clean house?  Contrary to what advertising would like us to believe, it is not because a home smells of fresh cotton, vibrant lemon or even cucumber-melon (to name only a few simulated aromas with chemical products) that it is necessarily clean.  In fact, these products put you in contact with a lot of products and chemical derivatives that are harmful to your health and to the environment.

This is why Twiggzy unveils the power of white vinegar!  To clean and disinfect your surfaces, there is nothing more effective than a mixture (1 cup of water for 1/2 cup of vinegar) of household vinegar.  It is effective, without danger and highly ecologically responsible, without mentioning that it is much less expensive than a bottle of commercial cleaner.

tea tree essential oil                                                                         There is mold in your bathroom or your basement?  Your best friend (after Twiggzy):  biological tea tree essential oil.  Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar, and add only 2 teaspoons of essential oil the tea tree.  No mold resists this powerful natural antiseptic! 

Twiggzy offers you a huge selection of essential oils in their shop!

lemon (yes, lemon juice)                                                                  Degreaser, descaler and cleaner:  lemon works wonders.  Besides having a strong cleaning power, whitener and tonic, lemon diffuses a soft fresh odor that we all know well.

orange                                                                                               It is not by chance that we see it on many cleaning products.  Except that here, we not only exploit its smell (simulated, in 99% of cleaning products currently on the market), but also its natural power to dissolve dirt and make surfaces shine with a single cloth, sprayed with the juice and zest of an orange.

pine vegetable oil                                                                              Pine vegetable oil is a vegetable oil that has a very high drying index (a Scrabble word that means that it penetrates very easily and dries well).  Pine oil has a pleasant, fresh and energizing smell.  It is very effective in all mixtures for cleaning windows, mirrors, leather, walls, floors and surfaces requiring a neutral pH (perfect for your hardwood floors).

pure soap                                                                                      Our grandmothers called it country soap and they used it just as much to whiten clothes, remove stains, deodorize and as to sometimes even disinfect.  The vegetable based pure soap is an alternative choice to commercial cleaners.

On Twiggzy, it is available as a bar of soap, but also as liquid soap.  Thanks to PURE et Calendule&Cie. savonnerie artisanale:  resume the same good environmental habits of our grandmothers - without even knowing it!

Treat your lungs, the planet... and your wallet!

Twiggzy, your green friend, wishes you well.  That is why we highlight the range of ecological home cleaning products PURE and PURE NATURE.

It is a real discovery for us!  Their products are made with the best natural ingredients possible - and believe us, the smell of cucumber-melon in commercial products doesn't come close to the smells that emanate from their products.  Available in bulk, they are very often more economical than your old cleaning products.  Come and discover them now!