Shop Wisely

Shop Wisely

3 questions to consume "eco-responsibly"

We live in a consumer society where almost everything is replaceable at the snap of our fingers... or with a blink of an eye.  And this does nothing good for our planet.  It is, however, possible to consume in an eco-responsible way and to therefore reduce our ecological footprint.

At Twiggzy, we always ask ourselves three questions before we offer you a new product.  What if you do the same thing?

Question 1: Is the item produced locally?

Buying local goods allows us to stimulate our local economy:  start new businesses, create employment, etc.  It is therefore a true gesture of solidarity towards our society.

But that's not all!  Buying Quebec products helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to the transportation of goods.  By choosing locally made products, you are achieving two things at once!  These are good reasons to show your patriotism!

Question 2:  How is the product packaged?

  • According to the Canal Vie site, "40% of manufactured plastic is used for packaging.  (In addition,) only 9% of all plastic produced in the world was recycled so far.  "[1] This is why at Twiggzy, we try to avoid plastic packaging as much as possible.  This material, a real threat to our planet, takes about 5 centuries to break down in nature.  Not too quick...

Our recommendation  Ideally, try to purchase products without packaging.  If that is impossible, opt for refillable products (ex: Mariposa deodorants), or items packaged in cardboard (ex: Calendule & cie deodorants, handmade soaps) or glass.  (Hey! Empty marinade jars are perfect to use when buying bulk food.)

Question 3:  Is the product reusable?

Before choosing a product, think about it's life when you're done with it!  Can you reuse this item?  (Your marinade jar... YES!)  Can you pass it down to someone else, like your cousin who has four children and struggles to make ends meet?  As for clothing, think about thrift shops and donation centers.  Subsidized daycares, home daycares or play centers would be thrilled to receive your used toys.  

Of course, to reuse some things, you need to use your imagination.  Take a look at Pinterest to find interesting craft ideas.

Other relevant questions!

  • Do I really need this product?
  • Is it well made and durable?
  • Am I able to make it myself?
  • Can I buy it second hand, rent it, or maybe even borrow it?
  • Maybe I already have it... and don't remember?
  • Can I use what I have at home instead?

A purchase should always be well thought out.  For example, if you want to buy something from our boutique, find a way to maximize your purchases from the same supplier to get free shipping.  For example, talk with your parents and your friends to check if they want to buy their ecological products at the same time as you!  In fact, in the coming months, Twiggzy will launch "phase two" in its boutique, to limit, if not eliminate, certain shipping fees.  Indeed, we will gather our most popular products in one warehouse.  By shopping at Twiggzy's place, you would be able to create your own box and get all your items together, at the same time.  Depending on what you order, you may have no shipping fees to pay.  More to come...

Briefly, falling into the temptation of buying something new, think about it a little.  Impulsiveness doesn't always pay off!

See you soon,


[1] Source: (consulted February 5, 2020)