Spring cleaning : filtering to recycle, reuse, reduce and regift

Spring cleaning : filtering to recycle, reuse, reduce and regift

In a few weeks, spring will be here. (I'm so anxious ! ) And with it generally comes a profound need to clean the house, from the basement to the attic... or almost ! To declutter your space in an eco-friendly way, it is very simple : you must recuperate, reuse, reduce and of course, regift.

Spring cleaning : how and when to filter ?

Filter out our belongings is normally a difficult task. We, as  humans, give a lot of importance to certain objects, trinkets, how tickets, children's drawings, baby clothes... This is normal : the objects represent emotions or events that we associate to them ! But all this stuff will quickly fill up every little nook and cranny of the house. Therefore, we need a good dose of letting-go before beginning our triage. (Inhale, exhale ! )

In an article published in the Huffington Post website, the Italian organizing specialist, Daniela Mosca, invites us to ask ourselves certain questions, and proposes something that makes total sense. ''Why keep a sweater that I used to wear when I was fifteen years old, or the pants that I wore during my first pregnancy ? (...) I suggest choosing (the objects) with care and limiting the number of them : for example, a maximum of five pieces of clothing that ou don't wear anymore, but that you want to keep for sentimental reasons'', she said.

Obviously, there are no set rules as to how or when to filter out our stuff. Personally, I believe that an object that has not been used for over a year deserves to be filtered in the 4R system. And of course, I don't go through each room of the house in one weekend. That would be a colossal task ! I allow myself more time.

The 4Rs : recuperate, reuse, reduce and regift

Pieces of clothing are an excellent example of items that are easy to recuperate, reuse, reduce and regift.

They can be mended or remade if they have holes or are too big. You aren't great with a needle and a thread ? Go to your seamstress ! You can prolong the life of your clothing and even give them a new style by using lace, or badges !

Old cotton T-shirts can easily be transformed into reusable rags. Just a few snips with your trusty scissors and you're done !

Reduction can be done in two ways : 1. keep less and 2. buy less. In order to reduce the size of your wardrobe, focus only on essential items. Which pieces of clothing are absolutely necessary? Create a base, in which you will be able to interchange pieces depending on your tastes and your needs. Mainly add pieces that are do not go out of style to your drawers and your closet. Avoid pieces that are too funky and will not stand up to the test of time.

Let's get to the superfluous pieces of clothing, give them to a neighbor, a friend or even to a donations box (ex. : Village des Valeurs, Renaissance, Salvation Army...). You can also sell your items online if you prefer. Unfortunately, this is usually a bit complicated ! In my opinion, it is better to help people in need, by creating jobs in our neighborhood.

The 4Rs exercise can also apply to other areas ! Toys, furniture, home décor accessories, kitchen and office items, books, DVDs, CDs...

Of course, remember to bring your old electronic devices to an authorized drop-off point, your dangerous products to an eco-center, and your expired prescriptions to a pharmacy.

Cleaning... with the right products !

On top of filtering through your items, you will undoubtfully need to clean and dust. The contrary would be very surprising ! My tip : use a multi-usage cleaner or an ecological multi-surface cleaner. You can opt for concentrated formulas or homemade products. White vinegar, baking soda and lemon are considered excellent cleaners... and they are affordable ! You don't know where to start ? A little detour to Madame Chasse-taches' website is a must !

At Twiggzy, we propose many items that will allow you to clean your space without harming the planet : Dish block, reusable and compostable absorbent towels, dryer balls, washable compressed biodegradable sponges, etc.

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