Protective masks:  how to use them?

Protective masks: how to use them?

The Department of Public Health now recommends wearing protective masks in public to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19.  That's very nice; however, we have to know how to use these face coverings... Explanations.

Steps to follow on how to use a mask properly and to protect yourself adequately


  1. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water just before putting on your mask.  If you do not have access to a sink use a disinfectant solution. In fact, through the Twiggzy Shop, the Quebec company Mariposa offers an organic antibacterial gel with added cream that eliminates germs while hydrating the skin.  To avoid being caught off guard, bring this product with you everywhere!
  2. Take your mask out of its protective pouch.  Touch only the sides of your face covering.  (Pssst We have the pouches in the Twiggzy Shop.)
  3. Slide the elastics behind your ears or tie the fasteners behind your head.  It depends on the model you have!
  4. Adjust the mask.  It must cover your nose, your mouth and your chin.  Warning!  You must not remove your face covering to talk to another person, for example.  Your saliva may carry the virus... Studies have shown that many people have COVID-19 without knowing it.  You would not want to infect the cashier at the grocery store!
  5. Wash your hands every time you touch your mask.  You can contaminate other surfaces.
  6. Remove your face covering if it is dirty, wet or damaged by touching only the elastics/fasteners.  Do not touch the inside or outside fabric.
  7. Refold your mask on itself and store it in its pouch until you get home.  Wash your hands again for at least 20 seconds.
  8. Put your reusable mask in the washer once you are home.  Ideally, use hot water and soap and then put your face covering in the dryer.
  9. Use a clean mask each time you go out.

Remember that social distancing and hand washing remain the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

See you soon,