Facial protection masks and public transportation: compensating for the lack of distance

Facial protection masks and public transportation: compensating for the lack of distance

On June 30, the Quebec Prime Minister announced that it will be obligatory to wear a facial protection mask in public transportation, as of mid-July. (It will probably be the same rule for all the students returning to school in September, who will be using school tranportation.) According to specialists, this decision was obvious. In an interview on the French radio show Tout un matin, epidemiologist Nima Machouf stated that ''the mask is a barrier that will allow us to cross and end the COVID-19 pandemic.''  That is quite something!

Public transportation: why is wearing a mask important?

Social distancing is recognized by the WHO as an effective way to reduce the propagation of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, closed areas, such as the bus and metro, make this difficult to do, even impossible, especially during rush hour. The use of facial protection comes to bridge our incapacity to distance ourselves from others by using a tangible physical barrier. But watch out! The mask  is ineffective if it is not used or worn properly. Here are a few reminders on the rules to follow:

Facial masks : there are some for all styles and tastes!

Currently, many people prefer using disposable protective masks, made in China.  At Twiggzy, we don't share that love for single use items.  On top of polluting, these products become expensive in the long run.  We believe that is is better to invest in reusable products, made in Quebec.

That is way the Twiggzy Shop  carries a nice variety of protective masks, made of two-ply poly-cotton, for Lea, William, Megan, Oliver, Chantal, Stephan, Michel, Nicole... (You get it, there are styles for every member of your family, young or old!)

On top of being comfortable and adjustable, our facial protection masks are washable and reusable! They protect people... and the planet!  So you get two birds with one stone.

Psst! You don't have the means to purchase fabric masks? As a mother of a blended family, I understand this reality! We all have a budget to respect. Know that you can make your own, for example, by using a bandana and elastics. ;)