Shopping locally is a choice we make!

Shopping locally is a choice we make!

Why buy a product that comes from the other side of the world if we can buy the same thing here?  That makes no sense!

As you no doubt already know: shopping locally reduces the distance between us and the origin of our goods as much as possible, whatever they may be.  By integrating this choice into our shopping habits, we significantly reduce our ecological footprint, since the product purchased locally travels less kilometers by boat, plane or transport truck to get to its destination:  us!

Less transport = less greenhouse gas!

Therefore, if we want to shop in a manner that is more respectful of the environment, proximity should be one of the first criteria in our purchases.

And that's exactly why the Twiggzy online boutique is there - to make this easier for you!

Shop locally:  it's a win-win situation

There are many other benefits that come from changing our purchasing habits.

In fact, by purchasing products that are Made in Quebec - instead of Made in Chinayou not only encourage the local producers, manufacturers and artisans as well as our local economy, but you are also making a real decision to preserve the health of our planet... and our health too!

That said,                                                                                          no need for you to convert to only local purchasing to shop responsibly.  Besides, no one is perfect; some things are difficult to do without, especially when they have been part of our daily life for a long time.  Think of coffee... if you love coffee, as I do, you know very well that growing coffee in our country is not (yet) possible... (But we can dream, right!)

What's important is to progressively change our daily habits... and to do our best with what we have!  Besides, Quebec has resources that are quite unique.  Examples?  Maple syrup, sweet clover, a vanilla substitute (yes, yes!) or even, milkweed, the silk of which is used for thermal insulation in winter clothing.

Buying locally, it's at the heart of our values!

At Twiggzy, all our products are local.  We choose them with the utmost care in order to guarantee their quality, traceability, and durability.  For example, compared to classic soaps found in the pharmacy, the artisanal soaps offered in our online boutique last much longer and are more gentle on our skin.  Try them and you will see the difference!

Therefore, whether it be body care, clothing, home decor, shopping accessories or household products, Twiggzy offers you a host of articles from here with only a few clicks of your mouse!  One thing for sure, shopping locally has never been so easy!

Finally, if this can motivate you even more, local shopping is more and more popular in Quebec, and with good reason!  According to the magazine, nearly 54% of Quebecors say they prefer shopping locally.  This is excellent news!

In short, being in harmony with our values, our culture and nature, is good for everyone.

Join the Twiggzy movement!

See you soon,