Eco-anxiety and how to take action

Eco-anxiety and how to take action

Use your eco-anxiety to change the world

At home, we discovered that one of our children suffered from eco-anxiety.  He was VERY worried about the future of our planet. His growing fear forced me to do some research.  I wanted to find solutions to reduce his worries.  And I quickly realized that, at our house, we needed to take action!  This is why, among other things, I founded Twiggzy, the ecological online boutique.

What is eco-anxiety?

Suffering from eco-anxiety signifies that we are more concerned than the average person with the disturbances linked to climate change, such as melting glaciers, the extinction of certain animal species and the plastic islands that form in our oceans.

When we are eco-anxious, we imagine catastrophic scenarios.  We don't sleep well.  We have nightmares.  We feel like we have an almost permanent ball in our stomach or lump in our throat.  In addition, we feel overwhelmed by a wave of negative emotions, such as anger or sadness.

A few signs of eco-anxiety:

  • Anger
  • Discouragement
  • Exhaustion
  • Insomnia
  • Unhappiness
  • Nervousness
  • Feeling of helplessness
  • Feeling of guilt
  • Sadness

But how to ease one's eco-anxiety?

Fortunately, we can reduce our eco-anxiety.  And in my opinion, the best way is to act!  In this way, we have the impression of helping to improve the situation.

Be careful:  There are no small gestures!  No one is asking for perfection here.  Usually, changes happen gradually.  Going too fast will inevitably lead to abandonment.  So, tell yourself: one step at a time!

Here are just a few suggestions of eco-friendly gestures that are easy to adopt:

  • refuse single use products at the grocery store and in the restaurant (ex:  plastic bags for fruits and vegetables, straws, coffee cups, disposable utensils, etc.);
  • bring your own bags and containers on your shopping trips;
  • store your leftovers in resealable and reusable containers (say no to plastic wrap!);
  • repair your torn clothes;
  • make your own snacks;
  • use washable wipes or makeup remover pads;
  • buy food, body care products and household goods in bulk;
  • choose public transit or use active transportation (ex: bicycle) rather than taking your car;
  • drink tap water;
  • switch off or unplug your electrical devices after use;
  • take quicker showers

Keep in mind a very important word during your approach:  happiness!  Without this essential element, there is no motivation or action.

Ways to reduce eco-anxiety

  • Reconnect with nature (ex: take walks in the woods, in your garden, etc.)
  • Be informed on organizations that are committed to environmental issues;
  • Adopt responsible consumer behavior

Throughout the Twiggzy ecological boutique, I hope to offer you alternatives to your traditional products.  I invite you to follow us on social media.  Little by little you will discover that certain eco-responsible purchases are also synonymous with saving money!  Anyway, we will prove it to you on a regular basis, thanks to our Tested by Twiggzy.

See you soon,