Tips for a greener and safer return to school

Tips for a greener and safer return to school

Last March, the school year abruptly came to an end because of the pandemic. In this context, the next school year will necessarily come with a lot of apprehension, and with reason!  This is why we are offering you simple solutions for a safe and eco-friendly return to school!

School supplies: reusing to save money... and our planet!

In August, shopping for school supplies is a true ritual for many families.  Mine included! Ah! The nice smell of new binders! It is true, it almost makes you want to go back to school! But like any consumer product, you have to ask THE question: ''Do I really need it?'

In fact, purchasing school supplies is very costly. And it isn't always necessary... nor good for the environment! As parents, you have probably noticed that exercise books, pencils and glue sticks are bought at a high rate every year, and are NEVER entirely used! Imagine this year with COVID-19! There is certainly some ink left in the collection of your family pens.

So, here are suggestions to save money while preparing for the return to school, and placing concrete gestures to help the environment at the same time.

1. Make a list of the inventory of school supplies that you already have and keep the items that are still in good condition.

2. Test pens, markers and highlighters. (They are not all dead. Its practically impossible!)

3. Remove pages from Canada exercise books that have not been completely used.

4. Repair damaged items when possible.

5. Give your excess items to non-profit organisations or other families in need.

By giving a second wind to used school supplies, you will contribute to reducing your ecological footprint while making your kids aware of the importance of reusing products.

And if you don't have the choice, and must buy new material, opt for items that are local, durable and robust. You could also choose products that are made from recycled materials. ;)

Eco-friendly lunch boxes? Get equipped for good!

You want to avoid using single use items? You will find, in our shop, a variety of items that are practical and ecological like:

  • reusable place mats (DelycaStef);
  • sandwich envelopes (Öko Créations);
  • zero waste utensils (OLA Bamboo);
  • snack pouches (Öko Créations);
  • reusable snack bags (DelycaStef);
  • facecloths (DelycaStef);
  • washable hankies (Öko Créations).

But above all, use what you already have in your home, such as containers, bottles and plastic utensils.  If they are still good, don't buy new ones to replace them! You will unnecessarily produce more waste...

The essentials for and eco-friendly return to school

Finally, for going back to school safely, Twiggzy has put together kits, including, among other things, masks, snack bags, unicorn farts and antibacterial gels. The prices for these kits vary between $ 32 and $ 80.50 (taxes and shipping fees not included). The amounts that we have established correspond to approximately 20% off our regular retail prices. Plus, you will save on shipping if you buy from the same supplier: us!

You will find all of our kits ''Back to School'' in the Twiggzy Shop.  Check it out!

Happy vacation,