Tips for a eco-friendly Holidays, that are easy on the wallet

Tips for a eco-friendly Holidays, that are easy on the wallet

This year, the Holidays will be different. Without a doubt! Perhaps you won't have the same budget as you did last year to spoil your loved ones. But don't feel guilty. Everyone - almost - is in the same boat. Perhaps the end of 2020 can be an occasion to reconnect with our real Christmas values? You know, generosity is not necessarily shared via a video game console or a diamond ring! That is why I am proposing you some eco-friendly tips that are just as economical, to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them... but in a different way!

Ecological and economical Holidays: thank goodness for everything homemade!

One of the best ways to save while you take care of the planet is to make your gifts yourself, out of things that you already own.  Rummage through your drawers and cabinets.  There are treasures hidden in there! If you have culinary, artistic or other talents, it is time to exploit them! Now is the ideal moment to show those you care about that you are able! But what could you offer...?

  • Seeds or seedlings from your vegetables.
  • Mason jars full of dry ingredients to cook soups, biscuits, sauces, etc.
  • Candy boxes made with leftover Halloween candy and fabric scraps
  • Greeting cards made of cardboard and magazine cut-outs
  • Flower pots suspended on cord
  • Knitted items (slippers, scarves, mittens, socks...)
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Homemade cosmetics

Pssst! Take a look at our COVID-19 blog : zero waste activities to do with kidsThere are so many suggestions of activities that easily adapt to the Holidays.

Is your schedule overwhelmed? No problem! You can give items that you have too much of in your home, such as books, bibelots, vases, picture frames, lamps, glasses, even clothing.

For your life partner or your children, make a little coupon booklet in which you can write privileges and activities, like watching a movie, playing a game, choosing dinner one night of the week, exchanging a household chore with another member of the family, etc... Isn't that a good idea?

Holiday purchases: being eco-responsible... without busting your budget

Does your budget permit you to purchase gifts? If you can, don't disregard this joy! This said, you should do your Holiday shopping while keeping the health of our planet in mind. Make sure you consume responsibly.  For example, ask yourself if the person you want to surprise is really in need of your gift. In other words, your gift must be useful.  After all, you don't want your gift ending up in the back of a closet... or a landfill! Aim for products made in Quebec, and verify certifications and allegations (ex. biological, equitable, etc.), and avoid over packaged items.

If possible, visit thrift shops, second hand shops (ex.: Renaissance, Village des valeurs, etc.) and classified ads (ex. : Kijiji, Marketplace, etc.). Otherwise, keep an eye out for sales by artisans as well as local producers and retailers. Incidentally, our online boutique is offering 50% off all its products in the Twiggzy Shop (calculated at checkout), and we are starting this offer even before Black Friday! This year, you will have to do your online orders early to ensure your items arrive before December 24th. Be prepared: delivery services will be slow since people are mostly buying online due to the pandemic.

Are you looking for eco-responsible gift ideas? I invite you to consult our virtual catalogue.  Select the category of your choice and you will find a multitude of durable, sustainable products, perfectly suited for children, women, men and even pets.

This said, remember that Christmas is first and foremost a Holiday where love should prevail. ❤️