COVID-19: time for change!

COVID-19: time for change!

For many years, scientists worldwide have been studying the emergence of 'superbugs' and the apparition of a pandemic linked to a mortal virus; but society has chosen to play deaf, continuing to consume EVERYTHING as if there was no tomorrow. Today, these two predictions have become reality. Perhaps it is time to rethink our way of acting? In my opinion, the sanitary crisis caused be COVID-19 is an excellent excuse to change our social habits, amongst others, to become more green.

COVID-19 : time to go green!

There are many actions you can take to reduce your ecological footprint during COVID-19.

  • Chose unpackaged fruits and vegetables. The plastic packaging gives a false sense of security. In fact, the virus lives on smooth surfaces for many days. Instead, bring your own mesh bags to carry your groceries home. 
  • Buy local products. For example, opt for biological meat. The animals raised in other countries may have been fed astronomical amounts of antibiotics. When overused, these medications can cause bacteria to become more resistant. This is harmful for human as well as animal health, not to mention the environment. 
  • Do your errands on foot or by bike. This way, you will invest in local businesses: fruit stores, butchers, fisheries and bakeries... You will learn to consume in a more reasonable manner, because you will not be able to carry as many bags as if you were travelling in a car. 
  • Buy durable products. Forget about single use items, like razors, absorbant towels or straws. If you think the durable version of these products is more expensive to purchase, time will prove you wrong. Plus, you will reduce the contents of your garbage pail. En route to zero waste !
  • Go through your wardrobe. Have fun creating new outfits out of items that you already have, and recycle items that are damaged. There are online tutorials, for example, on YouTube, to give your old clothes a second wind. 
  • Cook more. Make your own bread, cakes, muffins, etc. In the grocery store, these products are sold in bags or plastic containers, one of the most damaging products for the planet. Now is the time to develop those culinary skills! 

COVID-19 : it is unavoidable to change our behavior…

There is no doubt, COVID-19 is forcing us, in spite of us, to adopt new habits, on many fronts. We must :

  • wash our hands more frequently;
  • avoid touching our face at all times;
  • cough inside our elbow;
  • keep a safe distance of 2 meters, or, if you prefer, six feet, between ourselves and others. 

It is also being recommended to wear a facial protection mask during outings, which is really new for us. (By the way, the ground is not an open garbage! How many disposable masks are thrown in parking lots and streets? Incredible!!! It makes me so mad.)

COVID-19 has pushed us to adopt new habits, with our peers. Gone are the days of hugs, kisses, handshakes and fist bumps! We are learning to welcome our neighbors, our family and our friends in different ways, like with a footshake.

For many weeks now, we have had to think of the impact of each of our gestures. This brings us to make different choices. For example, many will opt for online purchases for a while, to avoid social contact. (Pstt ! The risk of transmission of the coronavirus by mail is very low, according to Canada Post and even the World Health Organisation.)

There is no doubt, : COVID-19 has forced us to review our social rules that have been established for a long time... And if we could take advantage of this sanitary crisis to examine our own conscience? What do you say? Are you at that point too?