COVID-19 : mask, soap... and civics !

COVID-19 : mask, soap... and civics !

COVID-19 has changed our lives in just a few weeks ! But what can we do to avoid propagating the coronavirus ?

Keep your hands away from your face !

In 2015, an American study among medicine students revealed that they were touching their faces with their hands an average of 23 times every hour... Without even realizing it! Even though these future doctors knew that thier eyes, nose and mouth are the best entry ways for viruses and bacteria...

To reduce the risks of touching our faces, and at the same time, helping social distancing, just as Dr Horacio Arruda said during his March 31st press conference, you can wear a protective mask. Actually, the USA are almost at the point at which they will recommend the use of masks in public areas. 

You can now fin reusable masks in the Twiggzy Shop.  They cover both mouth and nose and are made by hand by a local seamstress with 35 years of experience in the sector. In addition, they are machine washable. They are therefore both local and ecological, both of which are valued criteria of our dear online store.

Wash your hands... often !

Washing your hands is definately the best way to prevent contamination and propagation of the virus. Many times a day, wash those paws with care, for at least 20 seconds at a time, with soap and water. 

Perfect your technique !

Wet your hands and pour on soap. Scrub all the surfaces well (palms, backs, nails, spaces between fingers...). Rince your hands, and dry them with a clean towel that you will use to close the faucet. 

No soap or water : don't panic ! Use anti-bacterial gel to disinfect your hands. (Psitt ! You can find sime by Mariposa in our Twiggzy Shop.) Again, scrub the product on every surface of your hands (palms, spaces between fingers...). This way you can have peace of mind. 

Show some civicism !

You are sick ? You are afraid of getting sick ?

  • Cough into your inner elbow, and not into your palm.
  • Through tissues into the garbage immediately after every use.
  • Stay at least two meters away from others.
  • Stay home.

By adopting these habits, we will be able to get through this pandemic.  Courage, everything will be ok !