COVID-19: zero waste activities to do with kids!

COVID-19: zero waste activities to do with kids!

The pandemic has forced you to stop your regular activities and stay home... What if you took advantage of this involuntary pause to initiate your kids, small and big, to zero waste, and spend quality time as a family?

COVID-19: an opportunity to transmit your values to your children

There are 1001 ways to develop eco-conscious kids, and this confinement period is an excellent time to share your values. A rare occasion in our racing lives, you now have to possibility to stop and discuss the impacts of your gestures on the planet and its inhabitants. Today, it is more shocking than ever!

Zero waste activities: crafts, cooking, recycling, reusing, surfing...

Of course, there is more to do about it than just talk! For example, you can organize craft workshops in your dining room.  All you have to do is get a bit creative, and there you go! Actually, this crisis proves, beyond all doubt, that it is possible to entertain yourself and have fun without spending a dime. We have a tendancy to think that we must spend in order to create memorable moments.  What if all this time, we've had it all wrong...?

Zero waste activities for young children

  • Make jewelry, by taking apart old necklaces, or by using perles made of recycled paper.
  • Make puzzles with the sides of a cereal box or tissue box.
  • Making snacks that don't require cooking
  • Drawing on a dry-erase board, or coloring in washable books
  • Using pre-printed paper to play tic-tac-toe, hang-man, word games...
  • Reusing stems and pits from vegetables to make them grow... forever!
  • Making salt dough or modeling clay
  • Cut out grocery circulars to make fruit and vegetable marionnettes with popsicle sticks

Zero waste activities for adolescents

  • Making bird feeders out of empty plastic bottles, milk cartons, mason jars... and more!
  • Make your own bath bombs, soap, etc.
  • Make a vegetarian meal
  • Make recycled paper out of newspaper
  • Cut up old towels or T-shirts with holes to make rags
  • Make collages with circulars, magazines and newspaper (ex.: a visualization board).
  • Make a dog toy out of an old or stray sock and an empty plastic bottle
  • Mend torn clothes or fix broken toys (this is the time to teach your teen how to sew on a button or stick on a patch!)
  • Make a washable tissue distributor

Zero waste activities for all ages

  • Watch documentaries on biodiversity and the environment
  • Calculate your ecological footprint online
  • Learn about the environmental realities of endangered species
  • Answer online questionnaires about climate change
  • Sort through old clothes, books, unused toys, and give them away (when the time will permit, of course).

It could be very interesting for your kids to make a journal of different experiences they have had in an old notebook. It could become a cherished memory stake, and is such a positive way to channel energy during this crisis. What do you think ?


P.S. La petite améthyste, one of our collaborators, has created 2 rainbow bracelets with the words 'Ça va bien aller' in response to the movement that is being adopted by thousands of quebeckers, who's daily routines have been changed drastically by COVID-19.  I invite you to take a peek at her creations.