COVID-19: It's time to decrease our dependence on disposable products!

COVID-19: It's time to decrease our dependence on disposable products!

The COVID-19 crisis made me realize even more how dependent we are on disposable products and, consequently, multinationals.  You would like an example?  Hundreds of nervous consumers began "hoarding" toilet paper because they were afraid that stores would run out... Yet, today we have local and ecological solutions that allow us to eliminate single use products from our lives...

COVID-19:  why choose reusable products now?

By purchasing reusable products made here during the pandemic, you:

COVID-19:  which disposable products could you replace right now?

There are thousands of solutions on the market!  For example, think of the menstrual cup to replace tampons... The problem is that we are used to throwing things away... It's fast and easy.  No puzzle here!  But above all, it's truly a shame!  The multinationals are very happy to see us fill our baskets with disposable products.  This assures their production... almost forever.  The problem is that all these single use products are filling dumpsites and taking years, if not centuries, to decompose!

You don't know where to start?  Here are a few suggestions for easily replacing disposable products by reusable products!

Every day at Twiggzy, we try to find new suppliers and products to fill your needs.  If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know!

Thank you in advance!