COVID-19 : an opportunity to change our habits ?

The rapid propagation of the coronavirus, the COVID-19, pushed me to reflect even more on how we are acting, us, humans, in our everyday lives. Do we really need to consume so much? Is it time to change our habits for the benefit of our economy, and most of all, our planet ?

And what if we changed our way of producing and consuming goods…

Throughout the past few days, I have read many serious articles explaining that we are observing a reduction - temporary, I know - of atmospheric pollution in the countries that are hit the hardest by the virus. This sudden reduction, is proof that human activity has negative repercussions on our environment. 

Its a known fact : globalization has many perverse effects. For example, according to Jean-Marc Four of France inter, « economic globalization is accompanied by an extreme sharing of tasks among countries. » The result ? Our respective economies have become more and more interdependent and vulnerable ! In other words, we are, more than ever, at the mercy of others... Isn't that a bad idea ?

And if we became self-sufficient? Would that even be possible? (Allow me to dream !) But realistically, I think it is time for us to reflect at this point.  Why not repatriate as much production of goods as possible in our own country? Why wouldn't we bet on our own human and material resources ? (I am an idealist, what do you want ?)

Anyway, it is time to use our imaginations ! It is time to opt for durable, eco-responsible, local products. It is time to develop a new business model !

We presently have thousands of businesses who, at this very moment, need your support more than ever !

… What about living ?

From my standpoint, this pandemic is an opportunity to revise our priorities. What is REALLY important ? What can we modify  in our daily life to have a more positive impact on our planet... and our peers ?

➖ over consumption
➕ reuse
➕ thinking before buying
➖ using a car
➕ working from home
➕ using active transportation (bicycle…)
➖ travelling abroad
➕ visiting Quebec
➕ sharing moments with family
➖ eating prepackaged meals
➕ preparing homemade meals
➕ gardening

Obviously, I don't have a magic want or a crystal ball ! (But oh how I'd love to !) Like everyone else, I have no idea how this pandemic will end... One thing is certain, the propagation of the COVID-19 will push us to become better. I am convinced. 

What do you think ?