Cocooning: taking care of ourselves... and the planet!

Cocooning: taking care of ourselves... and the planet!

Are you looking for ways to forget about the unhappy announcements filling up your newsfeed lately? I understand! I've had enough reading about the pandemic and the numerous unfortunate spinoffs provoked by COVID-19.  Sometimes, I just want to distract myself from reality.  To do that, I offer myself a day, even a weekend of cocooning... instead of going to the spa.  Do what I do: relieve yourself of your (too many) daily obligations and reconnect yourself with your needs of the moment.  If feels good! And, good news, you can take care of yourself while protecting the planet!

Cocooning: opt for green personal care

Our ecological transition has pushed me to find alternative solutions to products I usually used throughout my ''spa days''. For example, I have replaced commercial candles, which contain many toxic derivatives (from petrol, lead, synthetic perfume, etc.), with soya candles. On top of being vegan and biodegradable, they burn slowly.  The result? They last long! Plus, soya candles don't produce any toxic emissions. I recommend them without hesitation.

Like many women, I love bubbles! ;) Therefore, I have found options to replace my famous bubble bath, and I must admit, I have a soft spot for unicorn farts. They are so funny. That said, no matter what you choose, make sure they don't contain any harmful chemicals (sodium laureth sulfate, phosphate, phtalate, formaldehyde, paraben, triclosan...). For example, phosphate encourages the growth of algae in our waterways.

When I am in the mood for some gentleness, I reach for bath truffles. Enriched with shea butter and cocoa, they smell divine and make my skin silky smooth. But my favorite, is bath tea! I infuse them with herbs in one liter of hot water for 30 minutes, then, I pour the fragrant liquid in the bath. To eliminate muscular tensions, I add half a cup of sea salt.  By the way tea sachets - and their contents, of course! - are compostable.  I love it!!!

Before starting my cocooning ritual, I set out all the products I will need in a basket. Bath puff, soap, exfoliant, shampoo, conditioner, capillary cream, mask... This way, I avoid getting out of the tub for nothing: everything I need is at my reach! Bonus: I prepare tea or tisane that I slowly sip in the dark. I close my smartphone and just relax!

Cocooning: fill up... on relaxing activities

A day of cocooning doesn't stop in the bathroom, obviously. Here is a list of activities that are just as relaxing as a good nap!

  • Drink a glass of wine (biological, if possible)
  • Do crafts (use what you already have at home)
  • Sing
  • Color
  • Contemplate nature
  • Dance
  • Listen to music
  • Stretch your muscles (stretching, yoga...)
  • Do crossword puzzles
  • Do scrapbooking
  • Cuddle your pet
  • Garden
  • Read
  • Eat chocolate (or other guilty pleasure!)
  • Take a walk
  • Meditate
  • Watch a movie or a series
  • Knit

Do you have any other suggestions? I am always open to them! ;)