|mprove my ecological footprint:  a family affair!

|mprove my ecological footprint: a family affair!

If like Mélanie our founder, you know every action counts and that you are committed to taking care of our planet, you have come to the right place!  Reducing your ecological footprint is possible - and is easier than you think.  In fact, it's a beautiful adventure to start with your family.  Here, Twiggzy gives you the best advice to make this change fun, enriching and rewarding to your and those around you.

No matter what type of change, or it's monetary value, it's together that we can make the greatest impact.  It's simple, in a group we motivate each other, we set goals and we support and encourage one another.  A famous saying translates it well:  alone we go faster, together we go further.

The most important thing when making a sustainable change is to find pleasure in it.  Yes, you must have fun in order to want to continue - not to mention that's what will also encourage your children to participate.  The best part of all this:  you can apply our advice today!

How to get there (once and for all)                      

Your desire to be part of the solution against the climate crisis is profound.  We know that, because you are in the process of learning the best way to get there as you read this article - Welcome to the Twiggzy movement!  However, as all sustainable changes require a commitment, let's go, one step at a time, without skipping any while staying on track.  The key word to remember is:  FUN!

For example, if one of  your children has severe food allergies and you must avoid bulk at all costs, it's not the end of the world.  Banish other everyday waste, such as single use items (like a straw, or a take out coffee cover) or non recyclable materials.

"...together, we go further 

It is when we feel like we are on a group mission that we are motivated to give the best of ourselves.  If your is mission to improve the score of your ecological footprint, will your family be truly motivated in this adventure?  No.

Find an objective.  Something concrete that, once achieved, will be rewarded.  The human, being what he is, if after all his efforts there is nothing else more tantalizing than a simple result to a calculation, it is highly probable that your good intentions end up in oblivion.

For example, challenge yourself to not get a coffee at the drive through for one or two months.  What you will have saved can be spent on a family outing, or even a breakfast at your favorite restaurant.  That is motivating!

Some easy to integrate ideas to improve your ecological footprint as a family

  • Drink your favorite beverage in a reusable container: a thermos or even a water bottle allows you to considerably reduce your plastic consumption.  To transport your water or coffee outside, you only need to get into the habit of taking your container with  you!                                                                                                     
  • Find new alternatives to non recyclable consumer products:  in our homes, and especially in our kitchen and bathroom, non recyclable consumer products are numerous.  Here we find cotton swabs or even plastic food wrap to conserve food.  Ecological alternatives that are economical and durable exist.  The biological cotton and beeswax food film, the bamboo toothbrush, the deodorant for which the packaging is made of compressed recycled paper - one of our favorites, the shampoo bars or the reusable  bamboo cotton swabs are just a couple of examples!                                     
  • Avoid undesirable mail by putting a stop-pub on your mail box:  Your children like to do crafts?  Put their talents to the test and ask them to create a sign advising the mail carrier that you no longer want to receive the bag of flyers.  If you receive them anyway, use the paper to wrap your birthday or Christmas gifts.  At Twiggzy, the packaging used to deliver our products is made with reusable recycled paper!                                                                                                                                                  
  • Refuse single use objects:  Choose sustainable products that may be reused many times.  Don't hesitate to ask your merchant for alternatives.  For example, your grocer often offers you the alternative of wrapping your meat or fish in wax paper instead of in a plastic wrapped styrofoam container.                                                                 
  • Offer experiences rather than objects:  with family and among friends, we love to exchange gifts... But the pleasure is in giving, right?  Therefore, instead of giving an object, why not offer an activity, like a new experience, a getaway, or simply dinner in a restaurant?                                                                                       
  • Close the tap water:  Even if water flows freely in Quebec, why not reduce your ecological footprint by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, or while you soap yourself during a shower?  Its a little gesture that counts a lot!                                               
  • Take more walks:  As a family, there is nothing better than a good healthy walk to bring the family together.  The grocery store is on the corner of the street?  Take your backpack and start walking!

Twiggzy is the platform that offers you alternative ideas from our local green businesses.  Follow us and discover that some of these changes can also save money!  We will regularly demonstrate this during our Tested by Twiggzy!

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