Is buying locally really more expensive?

Is buying locally really more expensive?

You'd love to buy local products, but you think they cost too much?  I understand your worries.  As a mother of a blended family, I also have budget restrictions. That said, I still choose to support our local artisans and entrepreneurs.

Local products: how to explain the prices

Many reasons justify the higher prices of local products.  Our local artisans and entrepreneurs:

  • generally opt for top quality materials;
  • Produce products in small quantities, according to demand (not mass produced);
  • offer a descent salary and good work conditions to their employees (contrary to many big brands);
  • Make durable items, therefore more ecological.

Personally, it is the investment in the Quebec economy that motivates my choices.  Am I perfect? Certainly not! But I am always looking for ways to consume better. And for me, this means buying local products.

Local products vs international products: durability counts in the equation!

This is one of the reasons why I have abandoned many disposable products, produced by multinational companies, in place of durable items, made in Quebec.  Upon the first purchase, they appear to be more expensive.  It is true!  But time proves otherwise.

Need examples?

Buy purchasing these types of products, you will not depend on big brands, and you will be supporting your neighborhood and protecting your planet.  Three stones in one!

Buying locally online: the advantages are numerous!

In this time of uncertainty, supporting the Quebec economy is of the utmost importance, and buying local products online can offer many benefits for you as well as the entrepreneurs.

First, you don't have to go out to get the item that you need.  You can have everything delivered right to your home.  The result? You will save time and money (gas, wear and tear of your vehicle...).

Second, it is easier to compare product prices.  For example, on our platform, we have many suppliers who offer similar products.  Some may please you ; other not.  You have the choice!

Third, you have access to a variety of products, certain may be from remote areas, like Gaspésie.  This allows you to discover artisans and entrepreneurs that you never knew existed and allow them to live through their passion.

Obviously, there are shipping fees, which vary from one supplier to the next. Why? Because each business is in charge of their own shipping, and determine their own rules and free shipping offers. My suggestion? Group your items from one supplier in the same order to benefit from the free shipping offers!

Important point: we are exclusive distributors of the products that are found int the Twiggzy Shop (antibacterial gels with hydrating cream, solid toothpastes, solid dish blocks, facial protection masks and their pouches).  In this specific case, you can take advantage of free delivery of any purchase over 65$.

If our business model is not perfect, we are we are constantly seeking solutions to better accommodate our clients.  Our goal? To offer you access to quality products at a fair price.

Don't hesitate to give us your comments!