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Spring cleaning : filtering to recycle, reuse, reduce and regift

In a few weeks, spring will be here. (I'm so anxious ! ) And with it generally comes a profound need to clean the house, from the basement to the attic... or almost ! To declutter your space in an eco-friendly...

Valentine's Day: 7 green ideas to spoil yourself while respecting the environement... and the lockdown

The lockdown and the various measures that have been imposed by our government, due to the pandemic, are all the talk right now. And unfortunately, this is a cause of stress for many of us... 

COVID-19 : Original ideas for a confined Christmas

We already knew that the Holidays would be different this year. Well, now it is confirmed: unless you live in one of the rare regions that were not touched by COVID-19, you will have to - like me! - be good and stay home for Christmas Eve. But contrary to what we hear too often, that doesn't mean that Christmas is cancelled! In fact, at Twiggzy, we see a great opportunity to get off the beaten path and exploit our creativity.

Tips for a eco-friendly Holidays, that are easy on the wallet

This year, the Holidays will be different. Without a doubt! Perhaps you won't have the same budget as you did last year to spoil your loved ones. But don't feel guilty. Everyone - almost - is in the same boat. Perhaps the end of 2020 can be an occasion to reconnect with our real Christmas values?