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Tips for a eco-friendly Holidays, that are easy on the wallet

This year, the Holidays will be different. Without a doubt! Perhaps you won't have the same budget as you did last year to spoil your loved ones. But don't feel guilty. Everyone - almost - is in the same boat....

Cocooning: taking care of ourselves... and the planet!

Are you looking for ways to forget about the unhappy announcements filling up your newsfeed lately? I understand! I've had enough reading about the pandemic and the numerous unfortunate spinoffs provoked by COVID-19. Sometimes, I just want to distract myself from reality. To do that, I offer myself a day, even a weekend of cocooning... instead of going to the spa. Do what I do: relieve yourself of your (too many) daily obligations and reconnect yourself with your needs of the moment. If feels good! And, good news, you can take care of yourself while protecting the planet!

COVID-19: single use plastic ranking high

And at Twiggzy, we find this depressing! According to an article published in La Presse on August 27th, ''The idea behind prohibiting single use plastic items today is much less popular amongst canadians.''

According to the director of the Laboratory of food analytical sciences from the University of Dalhousie, the COVID-19 crisis ''has affected our perceptions on plastic.''

People seem to wrongly think that this extremely polluting matter is safer, and the oil industry contributed to this belief by creating campaigns of misinformation.

Tips for a greener and safer return to school

Last March, the school year abruptly came to an end because of the pandemic. In this context, the next school year will necessarily come with a lot of apprehension, and with reason! This is why we are offering you simple solutions for a safe and eco-friendly return to school!